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Cool Headed Conciliar Fathers Warned Against A Change In The Liturgy

“Countless Interpretations of Sacred Dogmas”
The Mass of All Ages at Vatican II

The far sighted Cardinal James Louis McIntyre of Los Angeles warned expressly against intervening in the traditional Rite and a suppression of the language of the Church.

(kreuz.net) Cool headed Conciliar Fathers warned: A change in the Liturgy means a change in Dogma.

The Italian historian Roberto de Mattei (63) wrote this in his book, “The Second Vatican Council. A Story Untold Till Now.”

The prize winning work appeared this December in Germany in “Edition Kirchliche Umschau.”

“The Holy Mass Must Stay, as it is.”

The far-sighted Cardinal James Louis McIntyre († 1979) of Los Angeles expressly warned of a change in the traditional Rite and the language of the Church.

De Mattei cited the Cardinal’s remarkable summation:

“The attack on the Latin language in the Holy Liturgy means an indirect attack, but in the truest sense on the stability of the Holy Dogma, because the Holy Liturgy necessarily contains the Dogma in itself.”

The Prince of the Church then recalled that in the language of the people the meaning of words are fundamentally changed.

From that he concluded: “If the Liturgy is degraded in the common language of the people, then the unalterability of doctrine would be endangered.

From that he concluded that the Mass must remain as it is.

The Liturgy is understood visually

In the Preces of the Benedictine Congregation of Beuron, Archabbot Benedikt Reetz, warned against reform in the Liturgy.

He rejected the thesis, that one must use the language of the people, in order for them to understand the Liturgy:

Even the priest doesn’t understand everything — argued the Benedictine.

“The active participation of the faithful consists not so much in singing and prayer, rather in the visual apprehension of things, which happen on the altar.”

Symbolic: the humbled Guardian of the Faith

De Mattei took up the enlightening case of Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani († 1979), who as prefect of the Holy Office, had his microphone shut off during the Conciliar negotiations.

Cardinnal Ottaviani criticized the proposals for reform of the Liturgy.

He warned of “excessive alterations”, which would harm the faithful, if not even bring them to vexation.

The Cardinal went over his allotted time to speak by ten minutes.

Thereupon the Old Liberal destroyer of the Church, Bernard Jan Cardinal Alfrink(† 1987) of Utrecht in the Netherlands, sounded the bell.

The Supreme Prefect was humbled.

The Old Liberal faction greeted the humiliation with applause.


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